“All progress takes place outside the comfort zone”

Your functional training starts with the SYNRGY360 in our Functional Zone. The only place where cardio and strength training are seamlessly combined. Where every athlete can take on a new challenge time after time. The possibility of endless variation in exercises leads to the fact that you never want to skip a workout woth the SYNRGY360.



Exercises with ropes, restistance bands, Kettlebells and Medicine Balls no longer have to be avoided. Don’t forget the Boxing Space with attributes focused on boxing, the Versa Cable Space for Cable Motion exercises and the Versa Rebounder Space for all types of exercises regarding stability, strength and endurance.


Functional way of training

Training with the focus on supporting and improving all your physical actions. Endurance, strength, stability, speed and flexibility find their way together within the functional exercises of Functional Training to provide you with a real full body workout.


Functional Group Work-out

Functional Training is perfect to perform as a groupworkout. With the SYNRGY lessons in Rhythmsports Ypenburg you train your entire body within 30 minutes and get inspiration for your individual training sessions.



Do you want more information about all the benefits of Functional Training? Or would you prefer to try out a SYNRGY class? Please contact us!