“WARNING: Exercise may cause increased energy, a good mood and extreme self-confidence..”

A strong heart, an improved blood pressure, an increased endurance or an accelerated fat burning .. It all starts with your cardio session. That is why we provide the best cardio trainings on the nicest equipment.



Thanks to the wide range of cardio machines, our athletes can choose exactly how they want to move. With us you will not only find the best treadmills, bicycles and cross trainers, we also challenge you to give our AirRunner, Stairmasters, Airbike and Recumbent Bike a try!



Always have your personal cardio instructor at hand via the on-demand cardio equipment from LifeFitness. Use the screen to follow a training of one your favorite instructors, to log your own progress and to see each training again or.. simply to watch netflix during your session!



Cardio training

Also called “cardiovascular training”. Good for your heart, lungs, fat burning, endurance and character. Every goal requires a different approach. Ask us for a suitable training schedule or choose 1 of the many training methods provided on our on-demand cardio devices.



Do you want more information about the progressive cardio range of Rhythmsports? Or do you simply want to take a closer look at our range? Please contact us!